About Your Dentist

Aamir Alam, DMD

Dr. Alam, a native of New York, has dedicated his life to the pursuit of dental excellence. His academic journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University at Albany, providing a solid foundation in the biological sciences.

Following this, Dr. Alam embarked on a deliberate path to dentistry, enrolling at Temple University to earn his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. His commitment to his patients is unwavering, as he continually strives to meet their diverse dental needs while maximizing his own potential within the field.

Beyond his professional life, Dr. Alam maintains a well-rounded set of interests. He is an automotive enthusiast, dedicated to the meticulous work of automotive maintenance and modification. He understands the importance of physical well-being and enjoys exercise and hiking to stay active. His culinary curiosity leads him to explore various cuisines, and in his leisure time, he appreciates the art of cinema.

Dr. Alam's professional dedication and multifaceted interests define a passionate individual who not only provides exceptional dental care but also embraces the richness of life's experiences."

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Pallavi Sinha, DMD

Dr. Pallavi Sinha's journey into dentistry was profoundly influenced by early exposure to the ramifications of poor oral health within her immediate family. This impactful experience ignited her passion, driving her towards a career devoted to dental care. After graduating with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the esteemed Goldman School of Dentistry at Boston University, Dr. Sinha commenced her professional odyssey in India before relocating to the United States.

Her dedication to patient-centric care has been unwavering throughout her tenure. Dr. Sinha's practice in Maryland has touched the lives of numerous patients across diverse age groups, garnering appreciation, and trust. For her, the crux of professional fulfillment lies in placing patients' needs above personal interests, ensuring their well-being takes precedence.

Her extensive expertise enables her to adeptly comprehend and cater to patients' requirements, ensuring the delivery of optimal outcomes. Beyond her professional commitments, Dr. Sinha's also enjoys her time with her children and her beloved pets.